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Modern hydrogen fuel cell release continued Hangda 800km

Update:2018/3/16 16:58:06 Hits:
On the Internet, the car market learned from Motor1, a modern vehicle in the 2018 Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES), officially released a new generation of hydrogen fuel cell SUV-NEXO vehicle based on customizable platform. The new car carries the motor with the maximum power of up to 120kW, and the distance to 800km will be officially listed at the beginning of this year.
The modern design elements of FE NEXO from the Fuel Cell concept car, obtrapezoid Dazui grille, chrome trim and headlights slender by connecting with the fog lamp group on both sides of the front bumper, the appearance of a more futuristic, unique visual effect. The rear of the line is smooth, the triangle LED taillights, D column blackened create suspended roof effect. The interior design of the new car is relatively simple, equipped with a number of active safety and convenience configuration, such as visual blind spot monitoring, lane following assistance, remote automatic parking assistance.
The modern NEXO is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 120kW, with a mileage of 800km. The fourth generation of hydrogen fuel cell technology is adopted to effectively reduce the hydrogen consumption rate and improve the battery performance. The fuel reactor is integrated with the modern automotive MEA and dual plate technology, which allows NEXO to start smoothly at minus 30 degrees centigrade.
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